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How I got started April 11, 2007

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This goes way way back… to the winter.  Now don’t get me wrong, I worked out at the gym for a while, but this winter I realized how great it is to just exercise at home.  All you need is a yoga mat, an exercise ball, a couple free weights, and maybe a workout plan.

First I found this site called because I was looking for core exercise videos.  Well I found this video and boy was it fun!  It turned me on to a video called Cyclo-Core which has changed my life!  (Ok, not to get all sappy like an infomercial, but this workout is hard as hell!)

I’ve been working on these exercises for a couple months and I think I have a good feel for them, so I hope to tell you guys a bit about them.  Maybe you’ll try bodyweight and core exercises, too!

Stay tuned for once I get my digital camera hooked up!


One Response to “How I got started”

  1. I’ve done several of these in my yoga classes, they are definitely a workout and a half! Anyone who can hold plant for 5 minutes is a superman/woman!

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