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Boat Pose April 26, 2007

Filed under: abdominal workout,core exercise,yoga — Finn @ 8:45 pm

If you have mastered “six inches” it’s time for the boat pose. This is a bit harder!

Sit upright with your legs straight out in front of you and your arms at your sides. Then lean back so your torso is about 45 degrees to the ground.

Boat Pose (1)

Keep your legs together and lift them off the floor about 12 inches. Put your arms together, too, and extend them straight out in front of you.

Boat Pose (2)

Keep your abs tight and hold this pose.

This works your abs and lower back.


2 Responses to “Boat Pose”

  1. This is a great yoga exercise, especially if you to the vinyasas in between each hold. If you keep your core tight you’ll find this pretty straining after a while, you do have to remember to keep your spine straight and not bent to keep good posture and get the most from the movement.

    Great site, good ideas.

    – Jack Bronson

  2. Rachel Says:

    This exercise is sooo good for the abs but its killer trying to keep your balance man! lol. I will try it out, hopefully I don’t fall on my side too many times.

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