Body Weight Workouts

Cool workouts for your abs, core, and lower back

Boxer Ball Crunch May 7, 2007

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This one is fast and dynamic, and lots of fun!

Get your stability ball. Lie with the middle of your back on the ball, with knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Place your hands behind your head like you’re doing an abdominal crunch.

Boxer Ball Crunch (1)

Squeeze your abs in tight and lift your upper back off the ball. Keeping your shoulders above the ball, trace a counterclockwise oval with your torso. (Like you’re bobbing and weaving between punches…)

Boxer Ball Crunch (2)

Keep rotating for about 10 ovals, then switch and rotate clockwise.

Boxer Ball Crunch (3)

This workout prepares your body to rock back and forth on steep hill climbs 🙂


Rest! May 4, 2007

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If you’re working out a lot, don’t forget to take some rest days!

All these core exercises are kicking my butt, so I’m more than happy to lie down on the couch!


Transverse Plank April 22, 2007

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This is kind of like a plank, but on your side. (AKA “side plank.”)

Start by lying on your right side, with your elbow under your shoulder and your forearm in front of you. Your left foot should be on top of your right, and your left arm should be at your side.

Transverse Plank (1)

In one solid motion, lift your hips off the floor and your arm out so your body forms a straight line. Then lower your hips close to the floor and lift them again.

Transverse Plank (2)

Repeat for about 10 reps. Then switch sides (so your left side and arm are on the floor) and repeat.

This is a great workout for your obliques.


The Plank (a core exercise) April 14, 2007

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Here’s a good exercise. You just hold this pose for a long time. It works your whole freakin body.

Start out lying on your stomach. Then prop yourself up on your toes and forearms, with your arms facing in front of you, and your hands together. Keep your body in a straight line. If your stomach slips toward the floor, you’re too tired or weak.

The Plank

Hold this for 30 or 60 seconds, or maybe 5 minutes if you’re good. Then do a couple more reps! 🙂

P.S. That’s my shirt hanging down to the floor, not my gut! 😉


Bodyweight Exercise Intro April 12, 2007

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Ok, so maybe you’re not into the whole bodyweight exercise routine. Maybe you prefer the gym. Maybe the couch. That’s fine. I just happen to prefer working out at home and getting a great workout without a lot of equipment.


How I got started April 11, 2007

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This goes way way back… to the winter.  Now don’t get me wrong, I worked out at the gym for a while, but this winter I realized how great it is to just exercise at home.  All you need is a yoga mat, an exercise ball, a couple free weights, and maybe a workout plan.

First I found this site called because I was looking for core exercise videos.  Well I found this video and boy was it fun!  It turned me on to a video called Cyclo-Core which has changed my life!  (Ok, not to get all sappy like an infomercial, but this workout is hard as hell!)

I’ve been working on these exercises for a couple months and I think I have a good feel for them, so I hope to tell you guys a bit about them.  Maybe you’ll try bodyweight and core exercises, too!

Stay tuned for once I get my digital camera hooked up!