Body Weight Workouts

Cool workouts for your abs, core, and lower back

Power Bridge (a back bridge exercise) May 3, 2007

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This is a great exercise for your lower back and glutes!

Lie on your back with your knees bent, placing your heels close to your butt. Keep your arms at your sides with palms down.

Power Bridge (1)

Squeeze your glutes and raise your hips off the floor to get into the bridge position – you’ll form a straight line from your shoulders to your knees.

Power Bridge (2)

Hold the bridge position for 2 seconds, then lower your hips almost to the floor. Repeat.


Catapult May 1, 2007

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Lie on your back with your knees bent and your heels pressed into the floor.

Extend your arms out behind your head.

Catapult (1)

Now start with your arms and “catapult” your upper body into the air so you make it up into a seated position.

Catapult (2)

Pause briefly, then lower your torso back to the floor (slowly, with control.)

This will work your entire core and get it ready for explosive motions.


Boat Pose April 26, 2007

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If you have mastered “six inches” it’s time for the boat pose. This is a bit harder!

Sit upright with your legs straight out in front of you and your arms at your sides. Then lean back so your torso is about 45 degrees to the ground.

Boat Pose (1)

Keep your legs together and lift them off the floor about 12 inches. Put your arms together, too, and extend them straight out in front of you.

Boat Pose (2)

Keep your abs tight and hold this pose.

This works your abs and lower back.


Transverse Plank April 22, 2007

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This is kind of like a plank, but on your side. (AKA “side plank.”)

Start by lying on your right side, with your elbow under your shoulder and your forearm in front of you. Your left foot should be on top of your right, and your left arm should be at your side.

Transverse Plank (1)

In one solid motion, lift your hips off the floor and your arm out so your body forms a straight line. Then lower your hips close to the floor and lift them again.

Transverse Plank (2)

Repeat for about 10 reps. Then switch sides (so your left side and arm are on the floor) and repeat.

This is a great workout for your obliques.


Scissors Kick April 18, 2007

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The scissors kick is similar to the common “six inches” but much more dynamic.

Start out lying on your back with your legs out straight. Place your hands under your lower back with palms facing down (to support your back.)

Scissor Kick (1)

Now you’ll raise your legs and shoulders.

Raise your legs about 3-6 inches off the floor. Then raise your shoulders off the floor and push your elbows into the floor for support. Be sure to keep your abs tight.

Scissor Kick (2)

The exercise involves taking one leg over the other and “scissoring” your legs. The left leg goes up and to the right while the right leg goes down and to the left. Then the left leg comes back and goes down while the right leg comes back and up. Then scissor your right leg up and to the left, and your left leg down and to the right.

Scissor Kick (3)

Keep repeating.

Scissor Kick (4)

This works your transverse abdominals and really works the thighs, even in ways cycling does not (to keep your legs balanced for a better pedal stroke.)


6 Inches April 16, 2007

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Here’s an oldie but a goodie for your abs.

Six Inches (1)

Lie on your back with your legs out straight, and lift your legs about six inches off the floor. And hold them there!

Six Inches (2)

Keep at it so you can hold the pose for 30-60 seconds or more.


The Plank (a core exercise) April 14, 2007

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Here’s a good exercise. You just hold this pose for a long time. It works your whole freakin body.

Start out lying on your stomach. Then prop yourself up on your toes and forearms, with your arms facing in front of you, and your hands together. Keep your body in a straight line. If your stomach slips toward the floor, you’re too tired or weak.

The Plank

Hold this for 30 or 60 seconds, or maybe 5 minutes if you’re good. Then do a couple more reps! 🙂

P.S. That’s my shirt hanging down to the floor, not my gut! 😉